Check it out; I have always lived in a fractured tech ecosystem.  Subconsciously I suppose this has been intentional.  When I become too invested in one, I sabotage it. I'm a monster.

Here is a history of how my devices haven't played well together:

My phone doesn't sync to my computer.  My music won't play on my TV.  Notes don't sync from my phone to computer.  It's like going to Thanksgiving dinner and each family member holding a grudge against everyone else.  Sure there may be some passive aggressive exchanges, but communication is kept to a minimum.  On top of that they all have different dietary restrictions.  So they brought their own meals.

Thanksgiving with a family of dysfunctional devices

Thanksgiving with a family of dysfunctional devices

Hey iPhone, maybe you could play this Amazon video?
iPhone: Well, ok... maybe this once.
Um and can you send this to my TV on Chromecast?
iPhone: Fuuuuuuuuuuck no!  That's too much!  I'm done!  Just get an Apple TV and use iTunes already!

But they're my family and I love them... Erm... Ok I followed the metaphor a little too far but you get the idea.

In my youthful optimism I once thought we would live in a tech utopia... or at least there would be one in my living room.  But in my cynical 30s I'm coming to terms with the fact that I will never have this idyllic tech ecosystem where I can tell my Apple car to turn the Google electric-grandmother off.  How optimistic are you?  Do you think there will be a universal remote equivalent for our gadgets?

Watch me try to find the silver lining: constantly troubleshooting tech issues and searching for workarounds develops our problem solving skills.  I developed technical skills as a child by trying to get poorly designed electronics to work.  Troubleshooting, failure, persistence, anxiety, social anxiety, and loneliness are all valuable attributes I developed from living with crappy tech. Do we want to rob our children of these experiences?  

But as an adult I have very little interest in personal growth when I'm trying to get MY GOD DAMN SEINFELD RERUNS TO PLAY THROUGH HULU ON MY SAMSUNG TV THROUGH MY XBOX WIRELESSLY CONNECTED TO MY IPAD.  I suppose this is when you're meant to have children so they can figure this shit out for you.


PS: Google is trying to solve this with Weave.  Czeck it out!